Inventors Hall of Fame


BIHOF serves as the conduit for a broader and deeper interpretive African American experience -past and present. An experience that informs the public of a richly articulated, larger than life community, that has endured the challenge of a lack of franchise to uplift and move a nation forward. And in doing so, imbue a god given, innovative spirit, that owes no apologies for its immense depths of accomplishment. – James Howard, Executive Director, BIHOF

Black Innovators Design Challenge

At BIHOF we believe that to encourage innovation we have to sponsor innovation. Your contribution will enable us to support our high school and college students as they take on innovative design challenges to help support and strengthen their communities.

An Awards presentation takes place during the annual inductee ceremony. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and assure productive outcomes. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Youth Innovators STEAM Challenge

Our collaborative efforts aim to develop programs that assure today’s youth are equipped with the skills and mindset to advance our nation as global leaders in Innovation and Technology. Your generous donation will help to fund our mission and your contribution will enable us to support such programs as the Young Innovators STEAM Program and our Youth Design Thinking Innovation Challenge.

These programs aim at pairing youth who have interest in medicine, science, sociology and design, with local mentors who are leaders as scientist, architects, physicians, sociologist, technology specialist and related leaders of industry.

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