Unique in its impact and purpose, the Black Excellence Alliance (BEA), celebrates those who exemplify excellence, and accelerates the growth of the exceptional through education, employment, and entrepreneurship. We honor past and present Black excellence through recognizing their accomplishments in the Black Halls of Fame for Inventors (“BIHOF”); Entrepreneurs (“BEHOF”); Executives (“BXHOF”), Educators (“BEdHOF”), and Tennis (“BTHOF”). BEA is raising awareness of the abundance of Black excellence throughout history and today, in industries across the country.

Through various programs and affiliations, BEA’s Reconnect Tech Consortium creates pathways to tap into the wealth of potential locked away in urban and rural communities. BEA connects people to a living wage, high-demand careers and offers high-quality job training through its partners. Local and national training programs are aligned with workforce data and industry needs thereby creating jobs. HBCUs are another vehicle to coordinate job training and ensure that current students, alumni, and local community members are prepared and matched to good-paying jobs.

Devoted to the growth of black owned businesses and ultimately sustainable communities in the US and around the world, BEA also has strategic relationships with Entrepreneur Zones (“EZones”). These microcosms are being established to revitalize and spur entrepreneurial growth in otherwise overlooked urban and rural areas.

Entrepreneur Zones strengthen existing small business owners, provide support to newly formed businesses in economically distressed communities, as well as, train and mentor entrepreneurs. This is accomplished through key sponsorships, partnerships, grant funding, business friendly regulations, policy mechanisms and tax credits.

EZones significantly increase the number of jobs available to local community members and provide goods and services locally within the community. EZones drive economic growth, community development and increase wellbeing and life satisfaction. BEA believes that economic growth through education, employment and entrepreneurship is the engine of our communities.


The BEA connects students with the past, present, and future in an engaging and sustainable way. We tap into the incredible intellectual potential locked away in Black urban and rural communities. BEA is developing tomorrow’s leaders through innovative local and national education and training programs.  

The Classroom Press Conference

The Classroom Press Conference program teaches literacy and inspires students to consider exciting career opportunities. Dr. Dale Caldwell created the CPC program in 1997 and has seen first hand how this program can get students excited about careers in writing.

Students play the role of a reporter interviewing an interesting Role Model. We often follow the CPC program with the School-To-Work Day (STWD) program where students visit a company to experience the world of work.


The BEA not only provides high-quality job training, it connects people to high-demand careers paying a living wage. We also partner with HBCUs to coordinate job training and ensure that current students, alumni, and local community members are prepared and matched to good-paying jobs.

Welcome 2 Work

Welcome2Work (W2W) is a book, and series of student forums, designed to engage youth in career exploration activities. Students participate in a series of Youth Workshops and forums. The program is a component of the Dale Caldwell Foundation and was written by Matt Stevens.

Matt is passionate about teaching and counseling adolescent students, and specializes in designing curriculum that addresses critical thinking, soft skills and decision making. His books are used in over thirty school districts throughout the United States and Canada.


The BEA is committed to supporting the success of black-owned businesses and the creation of poverty-free communities in the US and around the world. We revitalize and spur entrepreneurial growth in otherwise overlooked urban and rural areas.  BEA empowers existing small business owners, provides support to newly formed businesses, and trains and mentors entrepreneurs.   

Young Black Entrepreneur Program (YBEP)

The Young Black Entrepreneur Program (YBEP) is geared towards opening the minds of young people towards starting their own business and preparing them to become competitive as the next generation of entrepreneurs. YBEP is proud to invest in our next generation of young African Americans through the support of our corporate stakeholders.